2nd Collaborators Meeting

Want to help us grow a positive, fun event in the center of Phoenix? Join us for our 2nd Collaborators Meeting

We would like to invite you to be apart of a vision..

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PHX Tribal Nights will be a community event based around movement and stillness, discovery and connection, and the overall celebration of life. From food to flow arts, sound healing to interactive art displays, and an all out dance party – there are so many possibilities.

One of the most imporant keys to this vision is hosting a sober space. The venue will not be serving alcohol during our event. Intoxication would be counterintuitive to authentic experience we want to create. We wish for people to feel the highs of expression and connection.

At this time we are starting small but we have big dreams. In time we hope to have this be a weekly event, as well as incorporating other events, festivals, and more. Our mission is to hold space for everyday people to become present within a judgement free community in order to experience life authentically and uninhibited. We will create an environment that fosters a feeling of acceptance and encourages people to step outside their comfort zones. In this environment one can learn, grow, and connect deeply with themselves and others. We are looking for individuals, groups, and organizations who want to support these ways of being, helping awareness to spread and evolve.

We would like to get to know you and hear what it is you would like to contribute to the event.

Please visit our Facebook collaborator group for information on collaborator’s meetings and how you can get involved!