Deven Williams – Artist

Omnitribe recognizes it’s community as the reflection of values and action that are essential to creating opportunities for service to others. These individuals represent themselves and Omnitribe as a community of service in Phoenix and to the world at large.

Deven Williams – Artist

As part of a series of experiences and research within the Omnitribe community, it is my intention to personally connect with the individuals representing or upholding the Code of Conduct and Tenets of the community. These writings, observations and postings will be made in effort to tell a story. A story of cultural values and future potentials for generations to come.

It is not often that we find ourselves in immediate reflection of ourselves. Such was the case when I met Deven Williams. Eyes immediately in parallel (an unusual feat accomplished as I am six foot five). The infrequency alone can be alarming for me sometimes. However, I immediately sensed a compassionate being before me. His gaze was powerfully intense and ancient, yet new and ready. His presence was sensed as he entered the building however. I was well aware of a like sized, super funky african man with an afro, green pants and a headband on the patio during our first Tribal Nights. I believe our first meeting was one of brief exchange as we acknowledged each other in passing, both agreeing to talk more later in the evening.

We immediately shared an affinity for symbolism and the unifying principles behind geometry. Dave Williams is a natural artist and he shares this gift openly to those who are aware. We exchange artwork and have now collaborated on a remarkably beautiful experiential theatrical performance titled THRESHOLD – the story of Pepe and his epoch journey for light in an age of darkness. Deven embodied the lead character Pepe, perfectly. We rehearsed and workshopped. We improvised and moved together, in contrast and in dualism as I performed as Quetzalcoatl.

We now continue to meet, share insights and reads. Appearing in the community together is powerful. I respect his view and experience upon the world and omniverse as I share my knowledge and experiences.

After returning a Daniel Pinchbeck novel, appropriately titled 2012 – The Return of Quetzalcoatl to Deven and enjoying his gifts of chocolate and figs in the sun, I wrote the following passage;

naturally autonomous hermaphrican

Deven Williams is an ecstatic bodhisattva. One who has chosen to remain upon this planet to aide. To uplift and reconnect others is the mans plan within a semi-transcended form. To commit to grounding is to acknowledge your work with others. The work you must do to earn your pass. To commit and contend with the times. To remain available to others for their own woes and inability o transcend? Do we acknowledge this in the work that is done? Sure. We sip coffee and contemplate. We gab the rift fantastic. We echelon the language. Williams alarms the universe in presence. Deven is omni-dimensional. Aware of the existences clamoring and calling at all moments. The cosmic bell rings. Deven moves.

Illustrating life by being, affords Deven unlimited creative capacity. His contributions to any situation are immeasurable and his love is infinitely finite. Deven’s work ethic when engaged and inspired is nothing short of art in motion. Universality is in his nature and nature is in his universality.

Collaborating with Deven’s being was powerful. His presence was timed perfectly and his contributions were invaluable. His expectations for return were authentic and I anticipate working with him again.

Deven deserves much love from our fellow humans.

You need not look too hard for Deven, as he is often found playing the stage of life. Whether clowning downtown for children, characterizing himself in street theater or investing himself in the community, Deven leaves impressions upon humans that resonate for lifetimes. i am content to know Deven is doing the work to improve the human condition.

Thank you to Walter Productions, Alex Kohl, Omnitribe and Phoenix Tribal Nights for co-creating our introduction and collaboration. Many thanks to the same for holding space and doing the good work to create a culture of community and pride in the valley of the sun.