Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

The Answer

Recent lunar cycles have brought many challenges and changes to us all. We decided to take the month of August to review, address, organize and formalize. With this time we have embraced the universal flow and made some changes, or transformations if you will, to give us the freedom of fluidity when opportunities arise…

Telling the PHX Tribal Nights story is no simple task. The extent of reach into the community and dedicated involvement of all contributors has been deep. Members of the community have donated time, talent, money and resources to ensure a safe and sober healing and celebration space is available in Phoenix on a recurring basis.

The organizers and producers of the PHX Tribal Nights event have assembled into a core group and formed a leadership council to direct our mission into manifestation, to: Create intentional, safe and sacred spaces for sustainable and transformational community experiences.
This intention based focus has generated an umbrella organization for all future PHX Tribal Nights events and community involvement, titled OMNITRIBE. It is under this new cause based organization that all future decisions will be made.

This objective was achieved organically and without controls or constraints originally. The cause and effect on other people’s lives has been significant. The Veterans of Arizona have been especially grateful and have called us to ever greater purpose.
The native community in Arizona has engaged in dialogue as well and many new partnerships have been formed with many more on the immediate and long-term horizon.

While PHX Tribal Nights has been the catalyst to these causes stepping forward, it is the OMNITRIBE intuition that the nature of this interest is due to a demand for a more unified, conscious culture in Arizona and the world at large.


What Now?

In the meantime, we are operating weekly under this new model and are here to share the abundance provided to our community and ask for your support. We are currently seeking lead collaborators for various different roles that are required for each event and business operations as applicable. Lead Collaborators are our first sponsors and promotional opportunities are available.
Please attend PHX Tribal Nights Collaborators meetings for details on how you can be a part of this exciting new community in development.

Our Next Show!!

The next shift is in fluidity of dates. August came fast as we were planning for PHX Tribal Nights and with our new Thursday night residency at Club DWNTWN we felt the need to take the next event up a notch. The organizers have been working hard and are excited to bring you a NEW NIGHT and A NEW HEADLINING ACT FROM COLORADO! With these changes as well as our NEW OMNITRIBE organizing council, we intuited the “Gathering to Celebrate: TRANSFORMATION” intention for September.

The official date is Thursday, September 15th, and we will be announcing our HEADLINER in the next couple days so stay tuned!! You can get your presale tickets at