PHX Tribal Nights September 15, 2016

PHX Tribal Nights Fall Update

PHX Tribal Nights was created through collaborative contributions of time, talent and resources that were made available through a collective agreement. In other words, everyone who helped make PHX Tribal Nights happen, made huge donations to our shared Phoenix culture. Thank you!

PHX Tribal Nights is a Success

Upon planning our third event, we switched to a less desirable Thursday night time slot (to accommodate our venue) and the Phoenix community still showed up. Although our overall attendance was down from our regular Friday night events, we still had a great showing of very committed members of our community. The energy was great and transformation occurred as intended.

Alcohol is Absent

Perhaps one of the biggest differentiators of the PHX Tribal Nights experience and intention is to create a sober environment for our event. There are 2 primary reasons for this:

  1. An alcohol absent environment creates an opportunity for authentic personal growth and healing.
  2. Phoenix needs more family friendly events and we are stepping up to facilitate growth for our future heritage.

Alcohol absent events are not in the financial business interest of most bars and clubs in Phoenix. This presented a challenge to the council: How to create a financially sustainable PHX Tribal Nights event? We need a venue/space whose intention is in alignment with our own and facilitates our growth.


Having to switch to Thursday night for our September event, meant we had to amp up our promotion game. We worked diligently to bring in a headlining act (Soulacybin) and canvased all of Phoenix and Tempe to ensure the community was aware of the new night. Although we consider our Thursday night effort a success, we were not as successful as our usual Friday night events.

Our transformation is not yet complete, however. We are switching back to Friday nights and will also be announcing some exciting news about venues, community outreach projects, sponsorship opportunities and more.

Organic growth is occurring

Please know that your support is critical to the success of PHX Tribal Nights. Every friend or acquaintance you bring to the event, ensures success for PHX Tribal Nights and our community. Most venues make their money from selling alcohol. Since the PHX Tribal Nights community does not purchase $30-$50 of alcohol per PHXTN event and as such, each dollar you spend on food, vending or tickets contributes to our efforts.

Paying artists

“I was personally impressed and quite pleasantly surprised when I was contacted after the first PHXTN to receive a small stipend for my projection mapped dragon art installation. Although the payout was a humble $50, the value was far greater to me. This payment, to me, meant that my contribution was valuable to the community. It also meant that PHXTN was setting an intention greater than filling a bank account.” Nathan G.

This further sets an example by which other events could follow. From within the council, this payout means each event is subject to the success of the previous event. Artist payouts are currently dependent upon the attendance of each event and as such, Phoenix Tribal Nights is unable to pay our artists and collaborators for our September event. The council is sullen about this matter but we are confident that our future looks bright for payouts at our future events.


Another critically important aspect of the PHX Tribal Nights experience is the intention based event design. Each event to date has had a very specific, identified intent. Celebrate Possibilities, Celebrate Community and Celebrate Transformation have been our event intentions to date. We will be releasing our intention for November 18th momentarily.

Omnitribe logo
Omnitribe logo

Organization and Council

Early in the process of creating PHXTN, the organizers (most regular collaborators), acknowledged the need for organizing the finances, logistics and agreements required for our events into a leadership model and formal organization. Omnitribe, LLC was formed by Phoenix Geronimo, Andrew Young, Vanessa Foto, Aaron Hill, Justin Winters and Nathaniel Jack Greene. Tribal Council meetings are held once per week with only council members in attendance. The council has been working tirelessly for most of 2016. We are preparing to welcome new lead collaborators and and are finalizing supporting materials and procedures for our future.


In addition, Omnitribe and PHXTN has designed a pathway to leadership. Effectively creating a lateral hierarchy, tribal decisions are made according to the Chief Council, Lead Collaborators and Volunteer Collaborators at meetings. The biggest difference being the benefits received and the time investment required. More details are shared at our (usual) weekly collaborator meetings. Leveraging a simple majority democratic process of decision making, Omnitribe is designed to enable the community to formally engage the community into action.


We are looking forward to a bright future of infinite possibilities for our Phoenix community. We appreciate your talents, time and shared resources to make PHX Tribal Nights a continued success. We have many new and exciting developments to share with you shortly. Please reach out, show up or join us at any number of different community related events coming up.