PHX Tribal Nights September Headliner! SOULACYBIN!

We are excited to announce our HEADLINER for PHX Tribal Nights : Gathering to Celebrate Transformation!!

Who is Soulacybin?

Soulacybin was incubated as pure auditory information, coded deep in alien realms of distant, future space. This auditory entity was sequenced into the DNA of a mushroom spore, then propelled through time and space on a trajectory for Planet Earth. Upon arriving on our planet, the spore germinated in the form of Earth music, bringing it’s intricately coded information to us through precisely arranged sound and vibration. Representing the bio-mechanically fused organisms of its home world,  balances deep, squishy realms of organic dub with digital, hyper-active percussion and slimy, stretchy basslines. Thriving on the nervous system of musician John LaBoone,  is here to bring its yet-unknown alien message to lovers of deep, patient, thoughtful music.

John LaBoone lives in Bolder, CO. He began producing music in 2011, after growing up playing guitar, drums, piano, bass and a variety of other instruments. John’s intent with his music is to contextualize classic dub aesthetics within modern electronic music, utilizing field recordings and natural sounds combined with digital, clean sound design.

Soulacybin has been invited to perform at events and festivals in The U.S., Canada, Israel, and Costa Rica. He has provided live support for Shpongle, Ott., Phutureprimitive, Kalya Scintilla, Bluetech, Mark Farina, Bird of Prey, Kaminanda, Desert Dwellers, and many more Bass and Psychedelic musicians. Soulacybin has appeared at festivals such as Envision Fest, Sonic Bloom, Gratifly Festival, Luminosity Gathering, Kinnection Gathering, Rootwire Festival, Foreverland Festival and many more.

Releases include:

Gratitude (2014, Merkaba Music)

Funkerpump (2014, Self-Released)

Stazi (2015, Gravitas Recordings)

And many more features on compilations

PHX Tribal Nights: Gathering to Celebrate Transformation is happening Thursday Sept. 15th, 2016. And don’t worry- we won’t make you stay late to catch this incredible set! 

Make sure to get your tickets early!! You can purchase online at