Workshops for Sept 15th!

Classes and Workshops are one element we are really happy to provide on a monthly basis, so here is a bit more detail on the opportunities in store for you at PHX Tribal Nights – Gathering to Celebrate Transformation! All levels of experience welcome.


Movement Playground

6:00pm ­ 7:00pm –  “Bliss Flow” Yoga with Crystal ZenLove Toltec 
Let’s get Blissful with a 60 minute all levels yoga session with RYT500 Crystal Valentina. We will use Movement, Mantra, Mudra, Breath & Meditation to balance the Mind and Body on a SOULular level. Using Amrit based Yoga Nidra techniques for the meditation and closing with the Cosmic Vibrations of Chakra Tuned Crystal Quartz & Tibetan Singing Bowls and a solfegio frequency 528hz Tank Drum!


7:00pm – 8:00pm – Dance Workshop with Prosper of the Sacred G’s
An evolving future-ancient dance fusion experience; a merger of Hip Hop and connection to Spirit. We will be focusing on technique and doing some drills in street dance styles such as popping and bboy. This will be a beginners class. All ages and all levels are welcome.



Decompression Tank

7:00pm – ­ 8:15pm – Martial Arts with Jon Stites
Learn simple Martial Arts motions as well as energetic mechanics for overall wellness in the form of stances, stretches, self defense and energy partner work.  


8:15pm ­- 9:00pm –   Qigong for Self-Healing with Aaron Spivey
Learn how to feel and harness energy in this workshop.  Qigong is known as an “internal martial art,” which builds internal power, and is the foundation of kung fu and tai chi.  Qi (pronounced “chee”) is life energy, and is known as “prana” in Sanskrit.  Qigong is a practice of opening the mind and body to hold more Qi, and it has been proven by medical science to increase concentration, micro-circulation, and improve digestion.  This (2-3 hour workshop?) will teach you how to move from your core, known as the Dan Tien.  You will feel grounded and energized, and you will have a newfound ability to tap into the feeling of universal healing energy which is everywhere around us.  Qigong is gentle yet challenging, and appropriate for all ages and health conditions.


9:00pm – 9:45pm –  Wire Wrap Workshop with GemVines & Fantasia Crystals

Here you can explore the delicate push and pull of the intricate art that is wire wrapping. Gem Vines will bring the wire, Fantasia is providing the stones. All you need is to be present and open to going with the flow. Feel free to bring any of your own materials or stones. No experience necessary.



We look forward to seeing you!!